Coronavirus – Following Government Guidance

If you proceed to book an engineer appointment we’ll politely ask you if:

  • You or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • You or anyone one at home or your place of work, has any of the symptoms of COVID-19?
  • You or anyone at home or place of work is in the “At Risk” category of people who have been advised to Self Isolate in line with Government Guidelines?

You or anyone at home is in Self Isolation?

Please note if you have answered; YES to a question above we respectfully must exercise the right to refuse service to ensure our business adheres to Government Guidelines and minimise the spread of Coronavirus.

If you answered NO to all question above and have an appointment booked. Our engineer will also call and ask you on the day of your appointment; asking the same set of questions in case anything has changed since you booked.

An Engineer will cancel the appointment if they themselves are able to answer YES to any of the questions above.

On arrival Engineers we take all reasonable precautions as advised by public health England. We respectfully ask our customers to adhere to the same guidance on arrival and for the full duration of works:

On arrival allowing entry to the property keeping to social distancing rules of 2 meters at all times

  • Reminding customers not to shake hands
  • Engineers will refuse to take refreshments or use the possessions of the property if offered
  • Engineers will wash hands regularly and clean surfaces in line with government guidance
  • Wear single-use gloves as required for works

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